boomerang vibes

I believe, with absolutely certainty, that one thing is consistently true:

Whatever you throw into this beautiful chaotic mess of a universe comes right back to you.

People call it Karma. Others say it’s reaping what you sow. I believe it’s simply a fact.

I believe that what we consciously or subconsciously invest at a soul-deep level generates our ROI (i.e., return on investment, for those who aren’t familiar).

I have spent a lot of time trying to understand why things weren’t happening the way I wanted them to. And, believe me, I attribute some of those things to a power much bigger than me that I am so thankful for. But sometimes, I know that I was trying to manifest something that just didn’t feel right, even if it never quite mentally register, and it then it didn’t happen. Other times, I swear I can think things into fruition.

Again, I fully acknowledge and put my faith in something bigger. But I also don’t absolve myself of the leading lady role in my own life.

I’ve been single for a good run. Longer than I have been since I was 15 (more to come on that next week). And, today, I’m single by choice. But there are times, generally nights when it’s late and I’ve had a glass or two of red wine, when I lament the reason that I’m alone. But the truth is, I’m single because I want to be. Because I’m doing some work that needs done. Because I’m not quite ready for all the things that I want. I don’t know that I ever have been–but this time I’m conscious of it. And I believe that it’s palpable even when I’m acting according to the contrary.

I think when I’m ready, I’ll feel it. And someone will walk into my life because I opened a door.

I believe that whether it’s love or friendship, an aspiration or an ability, the vibrations you send out are bound to bounce back.

What are you going to put out there?



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