hippy how-to: create a capsule wardrobe (part I)

I’ve been reading about capsule wardrobes for about a year now. To be honest, I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the whole idea. What I do remember is thinking that I could NEVER do that, and I would guess that most everyone who has ever set foot in my apartment would agree.


Let’s just say I have an…extensive wardrobe. And by extensive, I mean two closets, two rolling garment racks, two plastic tubs, four jumbo drawers, and a set of plastic drawers filled with enough underwear to last me for nearly a year. (I wish I was exaggerating on this last point, but…I’ve counted.)

Now, I will ask you give me just two fingers worth of credit here, because 1) my spending habits in this regard have gotten MUCH BETTER in the past year and 2) all the aforementioned storage apparatuses are neatly organized by style and color.

Anyway, reading about minimalist fashion most definitely had an impact, but up until the last few months, I would say it was limited to an intense feeling of guilt about much money I had spent on things that I hadn’t worn in at least a year…or ever. But over the last few months, as I’ve started to seriously research minimalism and tiny living, I also started to notice that many of the capsule closets I came across produced outfits that were much more creative than mine.

I realized that I was most definitely in a fashion rut. Picking out outfits and accessories (in advance) used to bring me great joy, but, lately, it was just overwhelming. There were simply too many options. On top of that, I’ve really begun to settle into my body (or try to). To get comfortable in my skin and understand realistic aspirations and expectations for myself at almost 28. To acknowledge that some of the things in my closet (mainly those that date back to more than a decade ago, circa high school) just don’t look right on me anymore. So I know what looks good on me for the most part, and yet, there were still clothes hanging in my closet or folded in my drawers that actually made me feel worse about myself when I put them on.

And it was all starting to wear on me (pun intended).

So last Friday, I took the day off to deal with the issue, to execute the plan I had made, which mainly consisted of conducting research and developing rules for execution. I cannot stress how important these two things are to the process. This is not something you want to attack unarmed.

To get you started, I want to share with you a few resources that helped me develop my rules and mentally prepare for the process. (Seriously, uncluttering your closets can do a number on you if you don’t approach it with the right frame of mind and some mantras at the ready).

Consider these resources:


Stay tuned for my Hippy How-To: Create a Capsule Wardrobe Parts II and III; next up, Part II, regarding my rules and putting them into practice (oh, and pictures; lots of pictures).

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