mantra monday: August’s decision-making helper

Poster with these words: Only "Fuck yes" decisions deserve a yes.

A couple months ago, I stumbled upon this leadership article that advocated a “Hell Yes!” approach to decision-making.

At the time I had gone on a few dates with a guy and just wasn’t that excited about him. He was, in theory, a lot of what I wanted, but something just wasn’t clicking. Still, I hadn’t ended things.

But then I read that article, and it dawned on me that the same theory discussed in it could be applied to so many facets of my life, including dating.

And that guy, well, he just wasn’t a “Hell Yes!” decision.

Since then, I’ve adopted the decision-making approach and made it my own slighty-amended mantra for problem solving in my life:

“Only the Fuck-Yes decisions deserve a yes.”

This month, I challenge you to consider what non-Fuck Yes decisions are still being allowed to hang out in your life. And, if you really want a challenge, come up with your own mantra for decision-making, something that you can pull out when you get stuck.


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