tarot tuesday: September’s stop|start|continue|focus

As I mentioned in August, each month I do a spread concerning what I should stop doing in the coming month, get started on, and continue with. I also pull a focus card to direct my path.

August’s spread was about inner work that needed doing, if you missed my recap for my spread, you can get caught up here.

September’s spread, which I pulled using the Linestrider’s tarot deck, is very much about dreams and how we manifest them.


Knight of Cups on a horse standing beneath the overlay of a fish (symbol of creativity)

The Stop Card – Knight of Cups: The Knight of Cups in the stop position is where my journey of hard work turning dreams into reality begins this month. While the Knight of Cups is generally a positive omen when starting creative endeavors (SRoshelle Creative is digging this), it can serve as a warning against getting too caught up in dreams and fantasies. I need to stop just imagining what I can do with my passions and creativity, and begin to think about how I can make dreams a reality. However, it’s important to remember that this knight is slow-moving compared to the other knights in the deck. Diving heart-first into those dreams may not be the best course of action, but starting to carefully plan a route to them is a good idea.



The Start Card -Seven of Cups: It is well suited that the Seven of Cups is my start card

Woman looking at shards of broken glass that reflect her fantasies and illusions

, because this card is all about shattering fantasies and illusions. Sometimes when we get caught up our daydreams or our fears, they take over, and progress is stagnant. This card is about being grateful for the ability to see those things, but cognizant of the fact that dreams take work. This month, I need to start making a plan–it’s time to really think about I lay the foundation for freelance work and, eventually, a small business.



Lion sleeping as flowers grow around him

The Continue Card -Four of Swords: The Four of Swords is a self-care card. It’s a reminder that this month, I should continue taking the time and mental space to rest. With all of last month’s inner work and this month’s mental elbow grease, I’m going to need time for restoration. Time for the seeds that I have been planting to grow. This past weekend’s Labor Day Staycation was definitely the right move.


The Focus Card – Four of Pentacles: Overall, the Four of

Woman holding tightly to her material possessions while she stands apart from town

Pentacles is a positive card card in this spread. While it can serve as a warning to avoid getting too attached to material goods and can be a sign of an all-too-conservative attitude, it is very much a card symbolizing material success. This month, I should focus on maintaining finances and the success I have had thus far (perhaps through the actions represented by my stop/start/continue cards) but remember to avoid clinging to tightly. Dreams take work, but sometimes they also take risk. However, it’s going to pay off if I keep playing smart.

If you need a song to get you through this month, this is your tarot-inspired shower jam:  What a Feeling by Irene Cara.

Take your passion; make it happen.

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