mantra monday: self-care for when you can’t see straight

Positive Obvious Steps.png

When I was in a bad way last year, just really struggling to pull myself up, I called my grandmother.

I told her that beyond the obvious pain I was in, I was also carrying this heavy burden of not being enough.

Not good enough from the get-go.
Not strong enough to get past it.

I remember her telling me how much she loved me, and that I was, in every way enough. But that sometimes, it just takes us a little time to catch our breath. To regain our footing.

Just take positive obvious steps, she said.

Drink water. Feed your body. Go for a walk. Take a hot shower. Go to bed early.

It’s about making the choices we know, even if they won’t necessarily bring joy, aren’t going to do any harm.  It’s not about running the marathon, just choosing to take a step outside. And consider a walk.

It’s about opting for a glass of tea instead of the bottle of wine.

And letting a couple small choices that were good ones be enough.

So this month and this week and perhaps today (every hour if you need to), remember to just take positive obvious steps to lead you out of whatever darkness your grieving in.


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