my love list | 9.16.16

this week these are things I’m currently falling in love with or already committed to:


It seems like every fall, the same thing happens: my calendar fills up, to an overwhelming degree. And to be honest, it’s not as much with people as it is with activities.
Because DC has a pretty fantastic agenda of things to do on any given day and I am a person passionate about many things, I find myself planned with many next Sundays: scheduled to hop from a Boho Braids class to an Introduction to Watercolor course. I’m starting to do a lot of thinking about the idea of not doing all the things I want to do;

And because most of these things tend to cost money, this article challenging me to think about money as energy saved or spent really resonated;

I’m also totally on the essential oil train these days (which my sister says is good for my hypochondriac nature), and I loved these tips for using them in my home;

I’ve been looking into having a birth chart reading done, especially with Saturn about to make its return for me during my 28th year, and I thought this piece about how planets come and go was very interesting;

And this porch is basically everything I plan to do with mine next summer.

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