wanderlust wednesday: Dhanakosa

This new type of post, Wanderlust Wednesday, will be a once-a-month feature (I think) in which I tell you my latest destination or travel crush. First on the docket, Dhanakosa–a Buddhist retreat center in the Scottish Highlands.

dhanakosa-lakeI first heard about Dhanakosa on one of my favorite podcasts, The Lively Show, and by the end up the episode, I was almost certain that it would be my next international trip (and I hadn’t even looked it up yet).

The idea of a Buddhist retreat center has been calling to me for a bit I , and I loved the idea of Scotland (though going in the winter was not necessarily my plan), a place that I have heard many beautiful things about from dear friends who have traveled there.

However, once I had a chance to sit down and actually Google this Buddhist retreat center set in the Scottish Highlands, I knew it was for me:

On the 2017 schedule, there is a retreat based on meditation AND painting AND photography–The Art of Being and Seeing–as well as many other retreats that include meditation, yoga, and hiking.


And I could afford to go for a week.

Dhanakosa runs on the dana or “giving” economy. There is a booking fee involve for each retreat (mine was about $100), but the retreat itself (program + room and board) is technically free. There is a suggested donation that I intend to pay and is approximately $285 – $455 for one week at the center.


Dhanakosa is located in Lochearnhead, which is situated at the western end of Loch Earn (“Lake of Ireland”), a lake bordered by mountains at the western edge of Strathearn. Lochearnhead is located north of both Glasgow and Edinburgh (somewhere else I will most definitely be visiting).

Despite the fact that it’s over a year away and will likely be quite cold, I absolutely cannot wait for my week-long, vegan-eating experiences, and this beautiful sanctuary (followed by some not-so-spiritual whisky tasting).

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