tarot tuesday: October’s stop|start|continue|focus

Each month I do a spread concerning what I should stop doing in the coming month, get started on, and continue with. I also pull a focus card to direct my path.

September’s spread, which I pulled using the Linestrider’s tarot deck, was very much about dreams and how we manifest them; if you missed that post, you can catch up here.

October’s spread, which I pulled using the Sun and Moon tarot deck, is all about flow.

October’s spread, pulled with the Sun and Moon Tarot Deck

A spiritual man channeling energy (like The Magician in the Major Arcana) from the heavens to the earth

The Stop Card — The Heirophant: The Heirophant is a card that speaks to a strong institution or structure. In the stop position for the month of October, I read the Heirophant as telling me to lay off the rigidity for a bit. This is particularly relevant to my physical wellness and how I have been approaching it. I like plans. I like scheduling. I like mapping out that I will go to yoga on Monday, lift at the gym on Tuesday, etc. However, on Monday, sometimes what I really feel like doing on Monday is going for a run, and by feeling like I have to go to yoga instead I may find myself opting to do nothing. Therefore, this month, I need to stop being so dogmatic in my approach, especially in regard to my wellness, and opt for flexibility and flowing with my body.

Women holding a sword standing over a man who has had swords pierce him

The Start Card — The Five of Swords: In the start position, I read the Five of Swords as a call to acceptance.  Accept that I fought hard. Accept that this is not a battle I can win. Accept, in some senses, defeat. The Six of Swords, which is essentially a call to move on, has been frequently showing up in my life the past few days, so I believe I am right on track with interpreting this Five of Swords as the work that must be done (accept how things are) in order to continue on in my journey.

Woman dancing with infinite flames burning from wands


The Continue Card — The Six of Wands: The Six of Wands is a victory card.  It’s a sign that I have harnessed my strengths and abilities and am channeling them toward the right place. I read this as specifically speaking to my creative endeavors, which I undertook seriously in September, and I should continue on with them throughout the month of October.

Clock wheel with various animals sitting on it


The Focus Card — The Wheel of Fortune: The Wheel of Fortune represents the cyclical nature of life, and in it’s current focus position, I believe it calls me to keep on keeping on this month, because things are about to change. The late summer has had me a bit in the doldrums, but that is all about to change should choose to remain flexible (The Hierophant Reversed), accepting the losses I have had (Five of Swords), and continuing to move forward using the force of my creativity to help propel me (Six of Wands).

If you need a song to get you through this month, this is your tarot-inspired shower jam: Float On by Modest Mouse.


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