about a Bohem Brunette

Photo of A Bohem Brunette with a Daisy Chain Around Her Head
Colorado Native.
DC Creative.
Believer in a Higher Self.
Lover of Humans.
Culinary Goddess in Training.
Yogi & Runner.
Fresh Flower Addict.
Alliteration Aficionado.
Messy Hair.
Hazel Eyes.
Wild Heart.

I take my emails standing up, my books in my hammock or on a couch next to someone, my wine red and on a patio with good music, and life generally outside or with a chef’s knife in hand.

My backpack is named Monster; our last adventure was Vietnam.
My bicycle is Henry, and I proudly assembled him.
My cat Tadpole.

My shelves are filled with unread books; if you don’t see something you like, it’s because I’ve already given it to you.

I want to learn to play tennis.
Or climb.
Just higher.