Moon Circle FAQs

Why do we gather at the New Moon?

This answer will be different depending on who you ask. In astronomical terms, the New Moon is the first phase of the moon. When it comes to astrology, New Moons represent new beginnings. For me, the New Moon is a simple reminder to be intentional with the month ahead—to pause, go inward, take stock, and move ahead.

What happens at New Moon Circles?

Each month we will consider by a theme, and each circle will include a guided meditation, journaling, sharing (if you wish), and intention setting—also likely: treats and tea.

Circles will generally last an hour and a half.

This isn’t a yoga class (though the studio who hosts us has some fabulous ones I can share with you), but I may give you a few pose recommendations along the way. I do endorse you come dressed for yoga (i.e., in comfy clothes) as we will be sitting on the floor of the yoga studio.

Do I need to subscribe to a certain religion to attend?

Absolutely not—Wild Intention New Moon Circles content and practices will not subscribe to nor detract from any religious or spiritual teachings.

Do I have to be a hippie or buy into some new-age weird stuff?

Like I said, I consider myself a down-to-earth hippie, which means that although I do do some traditionally “hippie” things—like yoga, meditation, and using essential oils—I am also a young professional in the District with a serious artistic side hustle by day.

I will make use of oracle cards, essential oils or incense, and meditation, but I will also tell you why and encourage you to take what you want from these practices and leave what you don’t find useful. These will in no way be the focus of what happens at my Wild Intention New Moon Circles. You are the focus.

Not everything is for everybody, but I believe we can find something for everybody.

How much does it cost and why?

These circles are donation-based, and the recommendation is $15-25. This suggested donation covers the cost of treats, tea, and other materials I supply and is a gesture of treasure for my time. If you find the cost prohibitive, send me an email ( and let’s talk—your time and talent, what you bring to the circle, is worth more than your treasure.